20x20x1 Air Filter by Colorfil | Color Changing Filters Designed for Cat and Dog Odor | MERV 8 Filter | Air FIlter 20x20x1 | Air Conditioner Filter | HVAC Filter for Pet Hair | 20×20 Air Filter 6 pack

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Colorfil is the only air filter that indicates when it needs to be replaced. Our patented color-shift technology is highly reactive to gas phase chemicals and odors in the air—and actually changes from pink to yellow as it absorbs these unwanted substances from your air. With Colorfil, you can see your air quality improving right before your eyes.
【A PERFECT, PINK, PET-FRIENDLY AIR FILTER – MADE IN THE USA】Pets are awesome, but let’s be completely honest here–they don’t do us any favors when it comes to air quality. High-efficiency, dynamic air conditioner filters by Colorfil were designed specifically to help you enjoy the happiest moments with your pets, with none of the odors.
【NASA-GRADE FILTRATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS】That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for home filtration! Colorfil’s 20x20x1 air filter technology was originally built to protect astronauts and spacecraft from nasty gases and odors. You could say we’re the only air filter company that is literally “out of this world.”
【COLOR-SHIFT TECHNOLOGY, A BAD SCENT’S WORST ENEMY】Colorfil’s remarkable home air filter acts as the most feared and respected bouncer at a club – it lets in the good, and keeps out the bad. Whether it’s dust, dirt or that pesky pet hair your four-legged friends leave behind, we filter it all to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy.
【WHEN IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE, IT LETS YOU KNOW】Our 20×20 air filter can be seamlessly inserted into air conditioning units, heaters, or other HVAC systems. The bright pink color-shift technology will slowly change to yellow with use as it absorbs and neutralizes gas-phase odors from your air. So as the color changes, you know that your Colorfil air filter is working hard to keep your air clean.
【COLORFIL, YOUR NOSE’S NEW BEST FRIEND】We pride ourselves on delivering a one-of-a-kind odor eliminator with no added scents. Products like whole house air fresheners, candles and sprays usually cover up odors with fragrances, and that’s just not us. We aim to provide a clean and natural scent to your living environment, filtering air the right way so that you can enjoy pure quality time with your furry friends and loved ones.

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